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Specifications of the boat






LOA 4mtr & 4.3mtr

1.9 mtr

1.55 mtr

variable 15 deg at transom

4mm 5083 marine alloy, fully welded construction

30-40 hp / recommended min. of 15 hp

In a nutshell:

The CREWMAN 4.1 is a great entry level runabout that can be easily customized to suit a range of uses. She is strongly constructed and has appealing classic lines.

Pricing depends upon specification and starts from $12,600 incl. GST.

In detail:

The boat is strongly constructed with a hull bottom folded from a single sheet of 4-mm 5083 alloy. The front is cut and welded to form the stem. The sides are fully welded inside and out along the entire length of the chines.
A single planing strake per side provides lift and lateral adhesion and the variable deadrise tapers back to a moderate 15 degrees at the transom. 3-mm tube forms the gunwhales and is fully welded. The foredeck is formed in 4-mm and welded along the top side and double welded along the gunwhale.
The foredeck features a welded fairlead and plastic cleat.

PRICE: packages starting from $12,600.00 incl. GST

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